Bishop California 2005 Blurb

Warning - A little bit of a rant is in store...

   Ah, Bishop CA. The land of crazy drunks who desire to come together and unite, all upon the small hick town of Bishop. Or maybe they crawled out of the cracks, who knows if they're locals or not... Bishop is also the land where employers exist that couldn't, wouldn't, and shouldn't anywhere else in the states (atleast I hope not...), due to the way they treat customers and employees. Where G was making over 13/hr else where she was only making 7.50/hr in Bishop for the same work... But, besides the poor worky, drugged up zombies, hot as hell weather, and some of the most spiritually mutated souls around, Bishop has alot going for it, keep reading.

   My office space was a place called Kava Coffee. I'm sure if your a dirt bag climber then you know the spot. There they let me use their services for light computer admin work. I learned tons while drinking cup after cup of some really good coffee. At the "office" I was an outsider in computer hardware, I swear everyone and their grandma owns a Apple there. I decided to place a sticker on my Dell so as not to feel too uncomfortable, hehe. We also managed to sell our first item on e-bay, a pair of z-coil shoes for $115.00 bones - sweet sell. Oh my laptop, it has been on the road twice with me now, living out of a truck for what totals to be 20 months, it plays hard.

   The camping and climbing is some of the best ever, the nights where hot hot hot though, up into the 90s at times. I got to see my first rattle snake, second, and third...The Sierras are incredible, I will never forget the granite we climbed there. The best granite that side of Squamish. The bouldering was good too, we did very little of it though. I'm getting old in the joints and such hard moves tend to hurt the next day, so goes it and I don't mind. Owens River Gorge is fine climbing too, overhanging jugs and crimps, really fun stone. Indeed, THERE IS SO MUCH CLIMBING IN BISHOP CALIFORNIA!

   We almost considered living in good old mule town, we were a hair away from taking residence. Indeed the roots were growing, but we pulled up and boogied. Our living in Bishop ambitions did buy us some time to fix our suddenly broken alternator, better in mule town than some where on the road - we really lucked out. Speaking of mule town, look here for the parade pictures.

   We got to visit some REALLY old trees, the oldest ones on Earth some say! Here's proof. One of the oldest trees on Earth was there, but not even most of the rangers knew which one. I guess the ones in the know keep it hush hush, for fear of vandalism and such. So, just maybe one of these pictures is the oldest tree on earth! It is next to the trail.

   Oh California! I've seen sad, depressed, man hating, emotionally thrashed psychic women giving advice in spiritual matters for more than a few bucks, not even seeing that they too are in need of their own help. I've heard a man call himself enlightened, then turn around and complain about money, corporate woes, other religions, and the sick psychic lady too. He made an excuse for his own karma. Wait, isn't he enlightened?

   We spent a day and floated bishop creek with some really cool college folk from Grenel, we used auto intertubes. That was refreshing with such heat over head. Did I mention it was hot already? Speaking of the Grenel folks, you guys rock! These cats were straight up fun to be around. Always full of laughter and intelligence. G and I enjoyed their company immensely.

   I truly enjoy scanning over this trip from driveway back to driveway - we have meant so many cool people, crazy people, and some of the biggest #%$%^$# on the planet. We have climbed some of the best stone on Earth, for an entire year too! G and I have both climbed our hardest routes and damn were they good. I think all said and done we have climbed over 400 new pitches, from 5.10 to climb hard. To all the friends we meant and reacquainted with, to all the people who helped us or we helped, really, to everyone we ran into - Climb safe all, smile big and thanks for being a part of our Dream ;)

   So, back on the road to home. Alaska is waiting for us and I'm running with a new life in mind. It's a simple fact, Alaska is my home :) So, home it is.

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