Indian Creek Utah 2005 Blurb

   Well, what can we say. GeorgeAnne and I suck at splitter cracks. After getting the shit kicked out of ourselves (cuts, bruises, and scabs) we called it quits after two weeks and twenty some odd climbs. We did get too climb some world famous cracks though. Like Incredible Hand Crack, Super Crack, Gorilla, 3AM, Fingers In A Light-socket, Generic (PUKE!) and a few others I can't remember as I write this in Bishop, California. It was quite a learning experience, we even learned how to make quality reusable tape gloves. And despite the pain, we have a friend who says this sort of climbing will help us on Granite. Waiting to see that happen!

   In Moab (the most traveling friendly city ever, may we add!) there is a couple handful of boulders called Big Bend, these were ultra fun. I've always loved sandstone bouldering. Quite the contrast from the splitters of Indian Creek! Oh, speaking of friendly, just check out their playground (picture 1, picture 2, picture 3, picture 4, picture 5, picture 6, picture 7, picture 8, and picture 9)! Anchorage Alaska could take some lesson from this place. All those pictures are of musical instruments.

   We ran into many of the same things from other visited areas. Snow, friends, mice, crazy people living in mining caves (wait a minute, don't we live in a truck), climbing booty left in cracks, and environmental wonders. Oh, something that was totally unexpected was that we ran into a fellow by a name of Axel (no less!) that helped us with our vehicle. He replaced the rear shocks, did a major lube job, tightened our belts, and did an overall kickass inspection - thanks bro.

   So, I would like to write about how the mountain biking is sooooo awesome here. But, my forks are broke so any sort of mountain biking didn't happen. Kinda depressing seeing the area is world renown for mountainbiking. So looks like the guy named Alf, who labeled our bikes hood ornaments, was right after all. Damn you Alf! lol.

   So before we drove all the splitter crack loving climbers loco, we boogied to Bishop California. Sorry Indian Creek, just not my gig. And reader, if ya think this makes me any less of a hardman, let's go ice/mixed climbing. My ego got a little bruised...