Joshua Tree California 2002 Blurb

   California moves way to fast! We had a mouse living with us for a day or so, he was kicked out for eating our pecans. It was really a kangaroo rat. He/she returned the following nights after eviction, I presume Mr. Rat was looking for its pecan stash. So mentally began the process of brute force gorilla warfare, giggle, our enemy a four inch long rodent with a tail nearly twice the size. I snatched a used triscut box, reinforced it with ductape, dropped a pecan in it and placed it in a strategic location on the bumper. I waited still for 30 or 40 minutes, heartbeat breathe. Then came Mr. Rat, in the box he went after the trusty pecan. I snatched up the box. At this point we still thought he was only a little mouse, so I turned the box right side up to look at the catch, thinking no way a mouse could jump the distance to my arm. So there we were, enemy face to face. He stilled a second, confused I'm sure. Then all of a sudden this little mouse jumped at least a foot straight up and onto my arm, I freaked, he then jumped to my bicep, that's when I threw the box and screamed like a little girl. Where he landed I wasn't sure, on the bed where my partner WAS sleeping or outside in the desert sand? Oh, 3 or 4 nights were spent learning this rodents patterns. After this encounter though he changed his patterns, so smart. I tried to catch him again but it was useless. Instead I just left the box on the bumper, it seemed to keep him away - deterrent. As I write this we're on the road to Colorado, I hope he is at home in the Joshua Tree desert. It was a good home for him to share :o)