El Potrero Chico Mexico 2003 Blurb

   We meant one morning ago to a empty food crate. We came to find out that a cow had entered the establishment where we resided and had eaten all our groceries. A lot of groceries. The owner replaced the losses. It's funny, when we first arrived we were so nervous about bandits and other scary weapon robbery mockups. Never did a loco cow cross our imaginations. So far, this is the best place we've been yet. Climbing, food, lodging, transportation, and public coperation. Not to mention, cheap! We stayed for three months.

    Don't pull that thing when my pants are down! - What I said when I was changing clothes and partner was retrieving the rope from overhead.

   My American innocence is lost forever now. It's disturbing to witness what American products, thoughts, and waste has done to other countries as well as it's self. Man's technology has produced mad leaps and bounds past the populace minds. I've realized once again that many have been lied to, and it's a larger lie than I had first recognized. In fact, it has no size as large as it seems and no apology equal to the damage done.

   I will remember this stay for a lifetime, but I go no longer than that. The people I shared Mexico with, thank you all so much and we'll be back!