Smith Rock Oregon 2004 Blurb

   Check These Spiders Out: Oh dear, these fellas are hanging out in the Grasslands outhouses, the Grasslands is our current camping spot, sit carefully. I've noticed a hunting pattern this big black spider follows. It waits for the little spiders to populate the web. Then it moves in and kills a few, then it goes on vacation to other webs. Only to return later to eat more new residents. It seems to "harvest" the little spiders.

   Religious Porn At The Laundry Mat: Dear god! We did laundry the other day and as always, we became bored. So I took a stroll on over to the magazine rack. I was flabbergasted! AWAKE religious zines, Jesus Saves zines, and just about any other Western god flavored magazine existed and they seemed to weight down the rack! lol.

   I've been paying special attention to man's religious pursuits these days, given the times and all. One thing that stands out is the way man goes about naming churches. For instance, "The First Church Of Christ", "The Church Of God", "We're Better Than The One Down The Road" (kidding), and "Please Give Us Money" (kidding). My point is this, to say that "your" church is the first or only church of god/Christ is a little vain, isn't it? Come on, really!? So on the rack there sat many and I mean many magazines. In between these were CEO, Fortune, and a Newsweek. Low and behold also a Gripped climbing magazine too. I find it funny that maybe in the "saved" delivery's person's mind, the one that delivered the god magazines to that poor rack, may think this - that laundry establishment is a place in need of a saving. So if that's the case, follow me here, isn't it kinda aligning wealth, status, and material with religion and isn't that kind of vain and presumptuous to think that the laundry mat patrons need a religious saving? Isn't that a little dangerous to do? I mean really, it isn't to be owned, but becomed! They pray to a god but know religion instead, pray in the shadows, not in the streets...

   The Lower Gorge Climbing Rocks: For the monkeys who have never climbed in the lower gorge, ya gotta check it out. The tuff is fun and all but the stone in the lower gorge is some of the finest rock I've been on picture 1, picture 2. Mostly trad, but sport routes do exist - mostly 11+ and up. Be prepared to warm up on 5.10a trad and climb ready on 5.10+ trad. These routes are AWESOME! picture 3. We highly recommend a sport route by the name of Pure Palm, this is GeorgeAnne palming away. Also a route called Morning Star. Also check out Twisted Sister, Gruff, Catalyst (sport), and Badfinger. All are four stars. Basically try any four star route. Four stars is four stars in the lower gorge. Honest grades and quality feedback! Awesome climbing and it's in the shade too.

   Getting In Better Shape: Oh my I have abs and forearms again! Maybe a set of biceps too, lol wimpy... Well it must be said that GeorgeAnne and I are quickly getting into climbing shape, so far we have climbed 60+ routes that neither one of us have ever climbed before - yea for the lower gorge! GeorgeAnne has on-sighted 5.11b and I 5.12a/b. I'm preparing to send a route called Split Image, rated 5.12c/d (more a "d" than a "c") and another by the name of Darkness At Noon 5.13a. I've concluded that once a body has been in shape for sometime (my 20s) that getting it back to that can be quick if thought is somewhat involved - this is a blast! I'm once again a sport climber, yeeeehahahahahaha, boooohahahahahahahaha...clip...Now if I could only ignore the fine baked goods that exist in Redmond!

   Killed The Mouse: Ugrh, from Squamish we traveled with a mouse hidden under the bedliner of the truck to Smith Rock. We indeed had to do something quite lame. We gave him a few days of verbal and physical warnings. But after multiple encounters while sleeping with the little guy, we finally cryed uncle. I went ahead and called in the ENFORCER. It's sad. I begged him to leave! Sorry... When we awoke the next morning it looked as though another critter had eaten him after his meeting with the Enforcer. Feeding nature may help the guilt, but it's still sad.

   Owls And Song Birds: These birds at the Grasslands are some of the most artistic little critters ever. We could swear these little guys are part of a chorus or something. Multiple mornings we have awakened to what starts as a single bird, a simple chirp then another, and then another guy jumps in, all in rhythm. Then another and let it be known it's crazy what these little guys can produce. Soon after a few minutes there has to be at least 4-7 of them, all unique songs but they match up at just the right timing - they have to know and enjoy what they are creating! Granted we love the songs, we lay amazed and baffled, but right next to the windows at five-seven AM in the morning can be a little awakening. Indeed though, we're honored. Encore, encore, applause...applause...

   Oh, word of warning: Don't park in between two or more Juniper trees that these little birdies feed upon. They become annoying because instead of flying from tree to tree, they fly and land on top of your vehicle. A touch and go of sorts, but they leave a poo bomb of prior eaten purple berries on top of the vehicle. Their landing gear (little claws) are quiet loud in the early morning and the poo is a gross shade of purple. We haven't discerned wheather this is territorial behavior or just a default due to the truck being in the flight path. They also seem to use this opportunity to take a bath too, if the roof has just a little bit of standing rain water on it. That's really loud. So we've learned to not park in certain areas at the Grasslands. Tents are open targets too. A few friends have had to do a early morning tent wash prior to starting their climbing day.

   Linux Locals: YEAH! Found some Linux locals. They run a local gig working on the publics' machines. They've given me access to their network. I also got to do a pen-test of their network. Travel, travel, and more travel...I felt rusty though, just after a month I have a hard time switching into geek mode. Maybe my forarms are getting to big and in the way of my brains. It's funny how quickly I have forgotten some of the no brainer acronyms in such little time.

   George's Scared Face: Check this mug out. This is after pitch one of a awesome 5.10 route, she's a little scared and upset that we had to continue. So sad...Not really ;)

   Coming To Realize Not Working For A Year: And damn is it sweet!

   Check Out This wOOdwork: The Whittle Shop, chainsaw carving! (541) 923-8877.

   Our Friend Dustin From Squamish: Hey, he made it! Our friend Dustin, the Dustin we met up with in Squamish, the Dustin that GeorgeAnne has known for years, has once again found us on the road. Some entertainment for GeorgeAnne and I.

   The Landshark Moves On: Goodbye to our gopher friend. Our projects are left behind too, sadly our motivation and finger skin just can't take anymore. Plus I'm getting too comfortable at the local linux hangout. I'm spending too much time computing and not enough time climbing. Roots are starting to form, we gotta set sail! So goodbye to the best linux locals ever, goodbye to our gopher friend and goodbye to Smith Rock. I'll be back, for I have unfinished business.