The Honey Badger

   The below links lead to the vehicle projects I've engineered over the years. I follow in the footsteps of the crazy nastyass honey badger - do a youtube search! My basic travel ideal has always been light, comfortable, effective, and cheap - the honey badger just don't care. I've also thrown in a tribute to my 1995 Geo Tracker. Given that it has traveled with me for so long, I felt it was the right thing to do. Besides, it's a perfect example of the crazy nastyass honey badger.

Alaska Home Built Camper Tips

1998 Chevy G3500 Camper Van

A tribute to the best vehicle I've ever owned.

   Friends, I love my 1995 Geo Tracker. It has been with me since 1999, not once has it left me stranded. It has done very well by delivering over 180,000 Alaskan miles, from Homer, Valdez to Nabesna. I'm determined to make it last far beyond 200,000 miles. Because of the harsh Alaskan winter environment and the deicers used on Anchorage streets, I've had to replace the floor boards and weld both door hinges in order make it maintain its road worth. Yet it keeps on grinding forward. It has supported all my dynamic lifestyles, from tame indoor living to undercover 20 something nomadic tent life, while working a full time job. It stood guard as I traveled on my year long climbing vacations, waiting for my return. An old faithful if you will, silently proclaiming, "My badger will return, oh yes, he will return." I simply wouldn't have traveled and experienced the climbing and flying adventures that I have up to this day, if it wasn't for this vehicle. I just can't say enough, I love this little enabler, the box on wheels, my Geo Tracker. Top down under the midnight sun, cruising down my stomping ground of the Turnagain Arm. Or Watching eagles core thermals as I race my way to launch. It's my world and my vehicle, I just love my 1995 Geo Tracker! Best little city dwelling 4x4 ever. So a toast, to all the dependable vehicles that a apart of our waking dreams. It's the American way, at anytime, we are free to go from point A to point B. I love my 1995 Geo Tracker.